Older Women Dating Younger Men

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    When Men Date Older Women

    When younger men date older women there is a different dynamic presented that is not an issue when people who are of similar ages date.

    Depending upon the differences in age, there can be some serious factors that can drastically affect how a relationship flourishes or flops.

    A woman who is several years older than the man, may have already established herself in her career, whereas the man may not have. Her income may be much higher than his, and her social connections will undoubtedly be more solid than his.

    The woman’s life experiences will be more varied and her sense of self awareness will be more fully matured. If the woman discovers that the younger man is not fully capable of dealing with all of that, then she is likely to drop him like a hot potato.

    Let’s face it, many such “older woman, younger man” relationships start out in bed, and since that can be a very enjoyable event, at first it can seem like two people are made for each other. Relationships that last, however, are built on much more than just sex, although that can be a very important component.

    People who thrive in a relationship find that a certain kind of mutual respect has to occur, or the togetherness will eventually wear off and the partnership will fail.

    Many younger men are immature still, and not really set in their career or their views. If the younger man is still finding his way, it can be very difficult for a woman to go with that, as she does not want to be an “older sister” or his mother. People have to feel like each partner is going to be able to carry his or her own weight in the arrangement.

    If the man, however is safe and secure in his career, and is pulling that part off, he will more than likely be confident in other areas of life as well. In this case it is not so much the career itself, as it is the young man being able to master it, and dominate his role in the career.

    This will speak volumes to the woman, who even being older has what it takes as well, but she will see an equal who is succeeding as well, and this is very much what she wants from the equation.

    The younger man will also need to fit into the woman’s social scheme of things, whereas it might be more difficult for her to fit into his, unless he has graduated out of the single’s sports bar routine, and fixation on young guy single things.

    Women are looking for more well-rounded males who are sure of themselves and who are pretty successful at about anything that they do. Call them “alpha males” but titles don’t fit the role, but actions do.

    The formula for when younger men date older women is simply that each partner needs to find equality together and a blend of their respective strengths, which they recognize to be positive.

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    Here Are The Four Most Popular Celebrity Cougars

    There are many cougars out there, and they are not just your average women. In fact, there are a lot of celebrity cougars. If you want to know who some of the most famous cougars are, then read the rest of this article.

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    1. Demi Moore– Perhaps the most famous cougar of all is Demi Moore. It’s worth pointing out that she was married to Ashton Kutcher for six years, and during those six years, she was talked about often because of her relationship with Kutcher, who was 16 years younger than his wife. The pair eventually split, but that didn’t stop Demi from being into guys younger than her because she is reportedly dating a musician by the name of Sean Friday, who is 27-years-old. There’s a good chance that she may still go for younger guys if she and Friday end up splitting.

    2. Mariah Carey– Another popular cougar is singer Mariah Carey, and you might remember that she was married to entertainer and comedy, Nick Cannon, who was more than 10 years younger than her. However, Cannon was not the only younger guy she was linked to. In fact, Carey was once dating a male model who was six years younger than her, and that is one of the reasons why the singer is a certified and legit cougar.

    3. Sharon Stone– Many people have heard of Sharon Stone, as she is one of the most popular actresses of all-time, but something you may not know about her is she is a cougar. She is dating someone who is 30 years younger than her, and the two are happy together because they have been together for a few years now. That may not convince you that she is a cougar, but it’s worth pointing out that one of her exes were 11 years younger than her, and this means that Sharon Stone is a real cougar.

    4. Madonna– Perhaps the queen of all the cougars, both average women and famous ones, is singer Madonna, who has been linked to quite a few younger guys. At one point she was dating a 21-year-old, and she has dated other guys who have been in their 20s, and she has been linked to high profile celebs who were a bit younger than she, but nobody can blame younger guys for wanting to date Madonna. Not only is Madonna one of the best singers ever and one of the most talented celebs ever, but she does not look her age and for many years now, people from all around the world have adored her, both for her talent and personality, as well as her looks.

    Those are just a few celebrity cougars, and there are many others. However, the women who made the above list are some of the most popular. If you are a guy and you are looking to date a cougar, then you can increase your chances of finding one by joining a website that specializes in cougar dating, granny dating or GILF dating.